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comment Feasibility of continuous delivery with a mixture of development platforms
Given that a build server runs and controls scripted tasks, if you can script it then you can integrate it into your CD process. But if you've not got a continuous integration process in place then I would start by doing so, to make it deliver is just an extension of that process. I'm assuming you're using something like Maven for your web app which you can invoke from your IDE or manually. You would get your build server to invoke that in order to build your web app. The same is conceptually true for all the other steps in the process
comment Relative value of manual vs automated testing
@mattnz I appreciate that a full answer would require knowledge of the organisation, the culture, finances etc. but conceptually I would like to know if there is any objective arguments I can use to make the case for more automated testing.
comment When to write Unit Tests : Is there any or list of terms to take right decision
I'd argue it is a good idea to write tests even for UI code. It may be hard to do, but that doesn't make it a bad idea. In those cases breaking out into integration tests (selenium, watin or whatever). If it's possible to follow some MV* pattern it becomes easier... and still worthwhile attempting. Your point about maintenance of tests is valid though, but again that may indicate a need to refactor. As with any code decision the rule of thumb applies most of the time, but not always all of the time
comment Automating release management and CI on python projects under mercurial VCS
I use that script to manage all our deployments, so it is more complex than a one off / bespoke script would be - but it does let you simply plug as many projects in as you like. Most of the complexity comes from keeping the script DRY in order to make it easy to reuse blocks. If you're only going to run a single project then inline all the blocks, it will be a big long script but maybe easier to follow...?