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Haseeb Akhtar

My Parents call me Haseeb. And I am registered in my death certificate as..oh sorry,in my birth certificate as Haseeb.A. I hate people who act over smart..I take lot of time to adjust with anybody..might be a drawback of me.I don’t underestimate anyone.I love to live with my friends and for friendship I don’t consider their any previous achievements. I love all those who feel comfortable with me and who make me feel comfortable with them…I guess, you are my friend..because you read until here, soooo long. Do you know….Friendship isn’t about…whom you have known the Longest….who came 1st or who Cares the Best…Its all about Who came and Never Left.Hope this is the 1st time in my life after my 10th standard final exam, I am writing something sooo long.Some times I feel that I have the ability to change every thing in this world, but luckily soon I realize that I wasn’t able to change myself since past 6 years! Any ways I am working at Assign Info as a Application Developer and I have been working on these Technologies: jQuery, Java Script, Share Point, SQl, C#.