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Software Engineer and developer since 1994, knee deep in Java from 1998 till 2009, with experience in distributed systems, C/C++ (UNIX and Win32), CORBA, enterprise computing, software architecture, network protocols (layer 3 and up), systems administration, x86 Assembly, VB, FoxPro, and UML.

Working since 2010 with a defense contractor in the design and architecture of embedded systems using C/C++ and CORBA

I've pursued a MS in Computer Science (with focus on security in distributed systems). Now, I'm pursuing a MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and hopefully I would like to enter the fields of satellite communications and/or network protocols (layer 1 and 2). I might, at a later time pursue a Ph.D. in CS or CE (or a MS. in Computational Mathematics.)

comment Is an architecture description document a violation of the DRY Principle?
Do you actually believe you can discern the architecture by looking at the code? The code will tell you all the functional and nonfunctional requirements, the architectural trade-offs,deployment issues, business context, use case scenarios, etc, etc? If you code can TRULY tell you that, that's one hell of a trivial system.
answered How to be an agile programmer?
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