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comment Should you keep a copy of all the code you write?
A question that arises is where exactly source code floats between "art" and "product". Every problem can be approached in different ways, and all the approaches can be implemented differently. Where art is truly unique, source code is somewhat individual but not completely. I understand the emotion of wanting ownership of what you write (as it is a mental product of which sometimes you think no one could have done as good), but also accept that ultimately it belongs to the one you work for - they paid for you to do it.
comment Service as a Model in MVC
It shouldn't be a concern imo, how much functionality a code file contains as long as the functionality belongs there. You could eventually split it up into more categories of functionality. For example "permissions", "I/O", "attributes" can all be categories.
comment Pure Java web browser, is it practical?
I got the smell of old books in my nose when reading through that HotJava link
comment Should a string constant be defined if it's only going to be used once?
Smells like HashMap can be a solution.
comment What is sequential code execution?
From the program's point of view, execute a step, make a choice and execute another step is just 3 steps done sequentially... have a look at this
comment What is sequential code execution?
That is actually still sequential. Not because the code takes a branch it isn't sequential.