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comment How to learn to make better estimates?
This is a great answer. I would like to add that, in addition to taking notes of your estimates, it can be helpful to write some kind of "daylog," where you take note of important decisions, problems you encountered and solved, etc. If an estimate turns out to be off by 50% or more, then it could be useful to investigate why, and then these "daylogs" will be of great help (see pages 64-69 in "The Pragmatic Programmer" for more details on this). Also, be careful who you show your numbers to; people who don't understand what you're doing might try to use them against you.
comment Visual PHP? or Visual Ruby?
@MahmoudHossam: Ruby has a strong presence on the web because of the Rails framework, but Ruby is not only "a language for the web." There are a great many uses for Ruby, including automation, as a "control/glue-language" for compiled code (like C/C++), writing console applications and even desktop GUI applications to a lesser degree. Ruby is a very versatile tool.
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