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Jesus Christ is LORD is really the only thing worth saying.

comment tests to run
Sounds like there's an error in the script that automatically generates the test scripts.
comment How do you balance between “do it right” and “do it ASAP” in your daily work?
+1 - "I won't sacrifice quality in the feature that is driving the customers need to get it ASAP, but something will go"...that was fantastic.
comment Open Source Projects & ITAR/EAR
That's kind of my question. I imagine that a GUI isn't gonna raise any eyebrows, but what about business logic? Could certain parts of a physics algorithm from a game engine be considered "dual-use" because you could use it to guide or stabilize a missile? Most software comes with some hash or cryptographic function somewhere, could that be an issue? The laws seems purposefully ambiguous and just wondered if anyone knew a good rule-of-thumb.
comment Expected behavior when an request for a collection will have zero items
The extra null check is what helps me sleep at night.