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  • C++ software engineer.
    • Medieval combat instructor (steel combat).
    • Sword and shield tournament fighter (SCA).
    • RPG fan (mainly horror games).
    • I also like training (try to get in two training sessions every weekday).

Also, most importantly, father of two!

comment How should you deal with a popular project that you no longer want to maintain?
Could you port it to a new platform or new technology? That way it would be interesting for you to work on and you could explain to support calls that bug fixes and enhancements would no longer be made to the old code and suggest they upgrade when it is ready etc?
comment What is the Mars Curiosity Rover's software built in?
@SeanMcCauliff, thanks. I read a doc about their software standards, I guess it only refered to a certain class but I assumed it was all of their software.
comment What is the Mars Curiosity Rover's software built in?
NASA are extermely careful with their code. Everything (EVERYTHING) is done in the spec first and is repeatedly reviewed, checked and refined. When it is put into the life code stream it is almost a cut and paste of the spec's reference. The test scripts are given at least as much attention as the code is and no 'flashy' or clever code tricks are allowed unless they are critically needed.