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Just an architect (building houses and stuff) with a faible for web development, beautiful websites, UI/UX and the human side of the internet. I do a lot of PHP, JS, CSS and Photoshop.

My php-login project

My super-minimal naked barebone php-mvc project

My PHP & frontend blog DEV METAL

Feel free to send me a nice mail if you like. I'm always open for freelance work and interesting projects.

comment am I simply too old to try and get work as a programmer?
I started to code with 26, now I'm 32, working as a lead dev and speaking at conferences. You are NOT too old, even with 60 you can still become a dev superstar. But let's be honest, a career is not started by a simple decision, usually you develop interest in something and stay with it because it's what you are interested in. Start today and do some video tutorials. If you hate what you see, well, then it's not for you :)
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