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Mainly a C++ developer for over a decade and recently got serious about web programming. I have mainly written reusable frameworks and components based on which our products are developed. I enjoy that role and want to keep doing that wherever I may go.

I am a noob in web programming. I asked a couple of questions on that topic on stackoverflow which were downvoted and annihilated. Interesting experience it was. I hadn't been in such a pedantic environment since primary school but I am willing to let that go, mostly because I have no one else to help me lol.

On these sites it appears people more experienced/qualified/intelligent than I would have already posted better answers to questions, and I certainly don't have the attitude to put in my 0.02$ just for the heck of it.

I have been wrestling with a million diversions and distractions to somehow keep my 5-6 private projects going. Every project is in a beautiful shape, almost 80-90 % done, but not yet presentable to outsiders. Its a frustrating feeling really. Also funny in a dark way.

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