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Full-stack developer, DevOps/cloud service operator, IT strategic advisor, smokejumper

I'm often called in "OMG! Everything is on fire! HALP!!!" situations. I'm especially good at complex integration and automation tasks.

I've programmed inside the Unix kernel and multi-threaded middleware, but my own development projects tend to be up-stack, using Python, Flask, JavaScript, jQuery, d3.js, HTML, CSS, and LESS most heavily at present. Also have worked heavily with Perl, PHP, WordPress, Java, SQL, MySQL, XML, JSON, Open Document Format, and a buncha other stuff. I am interested in, but have not heavily used, Ruby, Go, Julia, Rust, D, Nimrod, and a few others. Or I can get into the wayback machine and do C, bash, awk, Ada, Pascal, Modula-2, Icon, LISP, Prolog, and Smalltalk, depending how far back you want to go. Let's just pretend that BASIC thing never happened, s'ok?

Look for me on BitBucket, Github, and stackoverflow. For those seeking a mentor, I'm available!

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