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comment Choosing between Single or multiple projects in a git repository?
At my current employer we use a similar strategy, and package metadata about the most recent commit in a project into the various manifest files of artifacts (i.e. the results of git log -1 -- <project_dir>). It's really quite great. This answer deserves more upvotes.
comment Choosing between Single or multiple projects in a git repository?
As an off topic aside, there are few more enjoyable things as a repository manager than purchasing time on a system that can do in two hours what your laptop couldn't do in 20, for less than the price of lunch. Sometimes I really love the internet.
comment Should a github maintainer rewrite author's in pull requests?
Just to be clear, it's the "author" that's changed, correct? Not the "committer"? I only ask because the distinction is extremely important when it comes to the ethics of code plagerism.
comment How can I prevent users from merging origin/X into Y in git?
Might be best to approach it as a workflow policy. Can you strip push access for repeat offenders?
comment Legitimate use for IRC bots
One of the more fascinating ones I've read about recently is used in Facebook's deployment process. During the daily push (apparently), developers whose revisions are going live have to "check in" with an IRC bot or else the revision won't go out. It can also track the state of all submitted revisions.