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I'm mainly a Delphi developer. I work for a software company which does solutions for retail management, including inventory, POS, reporting, BI, Tags, and more. It's been in Delphi since Delphi's been around.

I am actively in Stack Overflow monitoring the Delphi tag, and looking for those questions I can answer and also contributing my time to keep Stack Overflow in order. I'm not an expert in anything, a jack of all trades rather. But I love to help people when I'm able to.

I've known Delphi since about 2007 now, and before that, I had learned VB6. I havn't gone back to VB since I learned Delphi. I also taught myself QBasic and HTML as a kid. It hasn't been until the past 5 years that I've been diving into programming.

I have no official education in programming, other than an introductory class in High School to Visual Basic 6. After that class, I taught myself VB6 for a while, until I laid my eyes on Delphi. Since then, I've aborted anything I've written in VB and gone to Delphi.

Since then I've also become vaguely familiar with ASP.NET with C#, as well as some C# windows apps. But I'm not too fond of the whole .NET idea. .NET is good for web platforms and such, but not for win apps. I have built a number of web applications which utilize JavaScript and AJAX.

My strengths:

  • Understanding the bigger picture of projects
  • Writing Custom Classes, Components, and Controls
  • Code organization (within unit or namespace)
  • Writing purely independent classes (as opposed to cross-referencing units or namespaces)
  • User Friendly GUI's
  • Developer Friendly Classes

My weaknesses:

  • Using or Building API's
  • Lower-level coding (such as ASM)
  • Originally structuring projects to make expansion easy
  • Multithreading

PS - My noted website is 100% purely coded my myself in C#, and is my core testing grounds for web development - which I have a lot of brushing up to do. Unfortunately, it's offline at this time.

It's always nice to know you're able to do something, even if you never use it.