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I'm a software engineer with experience in modeling & simulation software development and web services using C, C++, Ada, Scala, and Java on Linux and UNIX platforms.

I also frequently work on personal projects in web development using a variety of technologies (Scala, Ruby, Coffeescript, Javascript, etc).

comment How should I validate code when there is no one to do code review?
I don't believe a single-person dev team is doomed to produce only amateur-quality software (it'll produce less than a proper team, for sure)... if the one developer is an experienced professional.
comment Are design patterns essential for good code?
Studying patterns is something one generally only does before a job interview.. particularly for a Java gig. Like Oded said, you've probably used many common 'patterns' without realizing it, but you need to know what their names are :)
comment Challenges for the experienced coder to learn functional programming?
I would suggest first studying Haskell to get familiar with functional concepts. Then move on to something like Scala or Erlang for writing real software :)
comment Why do some software packages have an “amd64” suffix for 64-bit systems?
Yep. Though, sometimes I wonder if we would have been better off if Intel had succeeded in their plan to replace the x86 architecture with IA-64. Thanks a lot, AMD :)
comment Are certifications worth it?
I'll add that government agencies and by extension the contractors that sell services to them LOVE certifications and other credentials.
comment PHP, HTML, Javascript and writing good practices
jQuery eliminates all cross-browser headaches?
comment Suggested Web Application Framework and Database for Enterprise, “Big-Data” App?
Also, make sure you're doing the obvious things like indexing your tables and not doing anything too naive with your queries. I just spent a week here refactoring some old code where someone had written lots of simple database queries, in loops, nested 4 levels deep, and then filtered the data in code, rather than using "WHERE" clauses in the queries.
comment Is there a software distribution solution which is optimized for low bandwidth?
Ah, that brings back memories. A project I once worked on used AX.25 to transmit telemetry from a high altitude research balloon to the ground (ground software was basically a LabView interface). Very bandwidth constrained (maybe 1200 baud if memory serves)... but it worked. And it was fun.
comment What programming language generates fewest hard-to-find bugs?
Once I got over the learning curve, I actually got pretty fast at writing Ada code -- after I had spent a good deal of time thinking through the design. Ada is most definitely NOT a hacker's language. I work in Java nowadays, and some of the stuff I'm seeing in my current projects actually makes me miss Ada a little bit (never thought I'd say that).
comment Working environment
Start looking for a new job immediately. Now. Do it.