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I do front-end development for a small company in East TN. I'm a StackOverflow enthusiast and tend to click here before even MDN for most Google searches. I am fanatic about general performance and accessibility.

My SO questions tend to be about experimental concepts. I like building my own tools (re-re-reinventing the wheel) for its own sake. I'm obsessed with producing elegant, readable code. I'm very OCD (though my mother has never had me tested) and proud of it; I will rewrite projects several times and feel like it was time well-spent as long as it produces even a marginally better product.

I love reading about new technologies and W3C rec's, but as my company's stuck on supporting IE8 (and graceful degradation can be a pain) I've yet to experiment with a lot of the new browser implementations, let alone the experimental stuff. I love jQuery but find myself lately trying to use it less and less in favor of vanilla js. As for other libraries I tend to be very averse and prefer custom options, even if it's more work - learning is never a wasted effort.

My wife and I - both transplants from southeast Missouri - live right next to the Smoky Mountains and regularly serve in ministries at our local church. We don't have cable or smartphone data plans but watch a lot of Netflix. We like all natural foods (though I'd never turn down a bag of Doritos) and love to visit farms and do other "free" activities.

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revised Using mod_rewrite for a Virtual Filesystem vs. Real Filesystem
comment Using mod_rewrite for a Virtual Filesystem vs. Real Filesystem
My reason for asking is I have been daydreaming about creating a proprietary CMS and wondered if this type of "file" organization is a good idea. Ideally I'd like to create an AJAX-based system that uses hashchange and JSON/XML instead of server queries.
asked Using mod_rewrite for a Virtual Filesystem vs. Real Filesystem