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I am just a hobbyist with jQuery - really with Javascript in general. My bulk of my projects for the past few years has been server-side (i.e. PHP). It takes me a long time to adopt new technologies and trends, mostly because once I begin learning a new toy/framework/library I become insanely focused on learning every in-and-out at the expense of all other half-done projects (and precious family time). :-(

I began humbly with HTML Table-based Web design using Notepad and MSPaint. Then grew to adopt almost the entire Adobe suite into my daily routine. I now have a lose grasp on a wide range of coding languages, concepts and practices. I tend to not ask questions on StackOverflow until I've spent perhaps hours researching obscure (to my present-moment mind) concepts. Every time I finally break down and ask a question I seem to find a new concept (obsession) to dive into, and I realize how far I am from being considered an "expert" on any of these subject matters.

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