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comment Method vs Function vs Procedure
@Sjoerd I don't agree that printf is a value. It had a specific side effect outside its invocation scope: namely I/O to whatever the standard output its supposed to be. Even though, Scott was not explicit this distinction, in functional programming functions are not supposed to have side effects, and should be able to answer questions as if you had the actual data it returns.
comment How does Elastic Search approach the problem of distributed membership and consensus?
@thorsten: Thanks for the tag and comment. The API for Elastic Search is quite impressive, but both of their sites (.org & .com) have a strong marketing bent with just enough technical detail to hook in an engineer. I've been spoiled by Typesafe's documentation for Akka.
comment Backbone/JQuery, ExtJs 4… is there something else worth looking?
I have an ex-colleague who has used jQuery, backbone.js and ExtJS. He really loves the combination of jQuery and AngularJS. jQuery is great for DOM manipulation, and Ajax calls. AngularJS actually tries to make you use an MVC architecture which is friendly to designers.