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UPDATE: My new book, "Data Push Apps with HTML5 SSE" is out and selling! Get it from O'Reilly here: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920030928.do Or from Amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1449371930 Or from any good bookseller.

I'm director at QQ Trends, a company that solves difficult data and software challenges for our clients. (We often have freelance projects, so get in touch if interested.)

UPDATE: currently looking for a part-time CSS/JS programmer. 理想は東京所在、日本語が読める方。Interesting project(s), you will definitely learn something.

(And, of course, please do get in touch if you have interesting challenges that you would like our world-class experts to work on!)

Typical work: doing fun stuff with data (fixing, mining, etc.), web sites (front and back-ends), trading strategies. Research: trading strategies, computer go, machine translation, understanding context, AI search algorithms. Languages: C++, PHP, R, javascript, and many more.

I'm British, living and working in Tokyo for almost 20 years. Human Languages: English, Japanese (fairly fluent, 1 kyu), some German, Chinese and Arabic.

(Contact me at dc at qqtrend dot com: please mention you are coming from StackOverflow, so I know it is not spam.)

Easy ways to irritate me on StackExchange sites (whether my own question or someone else's): 1. Downvote without a comment (N/A/ if someone already left a comment and you just agree with it, of course); 2. Answer in comments. Other than that I'm a really easy-going pragmatic guy :-)

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comment How did JavaScript become popular?
@ToddMoses I went to argue, but some research showed you are right: AJAX made Javascript mainstream again, inspired by Gmail (2004) and google maps (2005). However (and this also relates to the above question) javascript never really went away: Actionscript (used in Flash) appeared from about 2000 and is basically the same language. During the Browser War Years, Flash/Actionscript was being used for the same things that Javascript/AJAX is the go-to-technology for now. I took my Javascript skills to Actionscript in 2000, and brought them back to Javascript in 2008 :-)