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Computers Engineering student at UFES, Vitória - ES - Brazil.

comment What should I do when I've already waited too long between commits?
git add -p is your best friend here. I fell in love with that feature. This way I can commit my coding standard modifications in separate commits, and keep the relevant code changes isolated.
comment Does it hurt to learn bits of many programming languages?
You do realize that most of us doesn't know "well" even our native languages, right?
comment Asking for a code sample of the company at an interview
"The beauty of life is that if it improves your chances, then that's the kind of place you would want to work." +1
comment Is it a common practice to minimize JavaScript usage when building a website?
It's only profesional to support all use cases. If you missed it, that's alright, everyone errs once in a while, but neglecting them is a different problem. I'm all in for developing websites 100% WITHOUT JS, and after making it work, add the JS to streamline tasks and make the UX better.