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comment PHP file_put_contents File Locking
LOCK_EX to acquire an exclusive lock (writer). Also see second note about the kind of locking that is going on. "flock() uses mandatory locking instead of advisory locking on Windows. Mandatory locking is also supported on Linux and System V based operating systems via the usual mechanism supported by the fcntl() system call: that is, if the file in question has the setgid permission bit set and the group execution bit cleared. On Linux, the file system will also need to be mounted with the mand option for this to work."
comment Which mobile devices cover the widest spectrum for testing?
I would also check your current web server logs for this data or use Google Analytics to see which devices visit (or try to visit) your site the most. Popular devices vary from location to location. For example I knew a client in a location where the most popular devices owned by people were blackberry devices so it was important test on those. You can also purchase market share data, example Gartner will sell you a report for $9995 (lol)