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Freelance Consultant/Developer in southern Germany.
Contact me for your J2EE, Eclipse and .Net projects.
See my CV here -- http://www.ramsden.de/cv-en.pdf

I also have a blog: http://blackforestcoder.blogspot.com

comment What is the benefit of a function without parameters which only calls another function
@downvoter(s) - care to share your knowledge with the rest of us. Is my post simply wrong, badly written or what?
comment Is it a good idea to schedule regular time to clean up code?
What do you mean when you say 'clean up'? Is it prettifying the code or handling all the FIXME and TODO tags or getting more performance out of quickly-written code? Or something else? Any of these could be classified as cleaning up but I would attach different priorities to each of them.
comment Dealing with engineers that frequently leave their jobs
I once told the bare truth when I left a company and regretted it. I was annoyed and told them everything I was feeling. They couldn't cope with it.
comment Some advice concerning Oracle and Java
Sure, it's nice to be really, spiffingly good at something but it is also useful to be aware of other technologies. Quite often it will help you become better in your core skill. I don't think it is an either / or decision.
comment Why do people say that VB gives you bad programming habits?
I agree. You also find the same or very similar code in these event handlers. Copy & paste is rampant. Programmers don't think much about the 'shape' of their code and only a see small parts of their code at any one time.
comment As a programmer, are you required to do timesheets?
How did this approach affect the quality of the product? I could imagine that the incentive is not really there to make sure that the task is completed well!
comment What is Java used for these days?
@Jeremy - I use SWT for all of my non-console, non-plugin java applications. I'm sure I'm not the only one :-)
comment Do people in non-English-speaking countries code in English?
@mosche - thanx 4 korektin mi speling butt yt woz a yoke!