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comment Java - Why do we call an array a “vector”?
I don't think this is true. In almost all documentation I've run across Array implies fixed size, Vector implies the structure can be (but not necessarily is) dynamically sized. The mathematical definitions of the terms are incredibly misleading in the context of programming.
comment Why is it bad to write something in language X as if you're writing a program in language Y in terms of using a shared coding paradigm
Can we get a link to the original question?
comment tests to run
Assuming this is a real project, I would guess the 65B tests are to verify that a new implementation and old implementation of the same business level logic produce identical results; and we're testing over a subset of possible inputs. I've done testing like this when we were forced to switch vendors or APIs. Granted; not 65B tests; but several million interesting cases plus a tester that generated random cases and ran 24/7.
comment Is C# becoming harder to read?
@nawfal In my experience, people have much more trouble understanding "yield return" constructs than linq statements; so I would argue the second is more readable and understandable. Neither really tells you what is going on under the hood, since both map to abstractions far from how processors actually work.
comment Are long methods always bad?
One of the best programmers I know commented that if you really want a measure, the number of local variables is a better one than actual length. He was working on a complex path-optimizer where the guts was one method several hundred lines long, but the amount of state (local variables) being kept was very small.
comment Reverse engineering: what is it really good for?
@Falcon Off the top of my head, anyone who has ever had to reverse-engineer a driver or study compiler output; which is a very large percentage of systems engineer, and probably all engineers who deal with embedded platforms.
comment Reverse engineering: what is it really good for?
I'm sorry but this is an absolutely terrible answer. Reverse Engineering is absolutely not "mainly for ... cracking and hacking" as defined, and anyone who does not deal with systems programming is being done a disservice by being introduced to it from that ideological perspective.
comment How big does my project need to be for me to unit test it?
While I don't necessarily disagree with the sentiment, if your code is really that simple you could probably get away with just assertions instead of full blown unit tests.
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