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comment Is it the job of a developer to suggest IT requirements?
Having been on both sides of that coin (multiple years experience in both IT and SD), I can confidently say that if I had a nickel for every time a dev team gave me a hardware spec that accurately fit the application, I'd have $0.00. Probably 90% were way under-spec and the others apparently required supercomputers. Don't be afraid to work with IT to figure out the hardware spec! Combining your knowledge of the application with their knowledge of systems and scalability will gain you much more than trying to ballpark a CPU and RAM spec based on dev/test.
comment Is it wise to be going back and forth between two programming languages?
@scrwtp: Tony the Pony would argue otherwise.
comment How big does my project need to be for me to unit test it?
@JasonOrendorff: I'm mocking that up into a poster and putting it in my office. Brilliant.
comment Should laying out a GUI graphically be considered “cheating?”
C-x M-c M-InterfaceBuilder?