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comment What's wrong with comments that explain complex code?
@DavidMulder You are wrong. Logic is not a subset of natural language. If that were the case, then logic would have some flavor of German, maybe some Indonesian or Farsi mixed-in to its syntax structure. Logic is set apart because all grammatical operators are defined, whereas all natural language operators (modifiers, verb placement etc.) are derived depending upon the human interpretation of it. If you've ever written a lexical analyzer, you'd see that formal language is waaaaaay removed from natural language.
comment What's wrong with comments that explain complex code?
You're all assuming the coder has a mastery of English. Let the code speak for itself, after all, it is just formalized language: logic. If you can't do logic in a clear and simple fashion, how could you possibly write anything meaningful with natural language?
comment Are there any unions for software developers?
There are also other roles that might be more compared to nurses (who have a really strong union in the US). Assuming the developer makes the "product" and there is a team to facilitate that. For every developer there are quality assurance engineers, performance engineers, DBAs, deployment technicians etc. who often have to work long and hard hours. I've seen the QA team go well into the weekend to reproduce production issues.
comment Why can't the IT industry deliver large, faultless projects quickly as in other industries?
And the cost of a Boeing 737 is $50-80 million. You pay each time you get on one-- do you pay each time you open up Office? If I got paid every time somebody used my software damn straight i'd be dedicated to reliability.
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