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My name is Ryan McCauley, and I'm a database/reporting manager for a mid-size cable company. I spent a number of years as a .NET developer (mostly of the VB.NET variety), but now largely focus on T-SQL and the reporting with the Microsoft BI stack.

On my own time, I build small apps to help get things done a little better, and have a couple posted at Codeplex:

  • SQL Space Map - if you have some large SQL Server databases and you'd like a visual picture of which tables and indexes are taking up that space, it's the tool for you.
  • SQL Server Contention Monitor - watches as may SQL Servers as you want and alerts you to blocked SPIDs, showing you the block tree (which process is blocking which, an what others are affected). It's still in a pretty alpha-ish phase, but it despite some instability at times, it gets the job done.

Check them out and let me know what feedback you have!

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