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comment Do we need Logging when doing TDD?
yes absolutely. i hope it is better now.
comment Why does Java have a “bad rap”
I mostly work with Java. I'm extremely amazed on how terrible programs people can write in Java. So there is no need for a low level language to produce high level of bad software.
comment Continuous integration (with iOS and Android projects)
@gnat : well i think jenkins is a fork of Hudson. I think hudson is still out there: hudson-ci.org managed by Oracle. Jenkins is a very good fork which to most people migrated. Sorry if i'm wrong...
comment Pair programming remotely with Visual Studio?
We've used TeamViewer for sharing desktops with Skype for audio for years for the very same purpose. 99% of problems were caused by Skype. I think it can even share multiple desktops. Can't recall.
comment Sporadic unittests or TDD?
For me it is hard (as i said i might not be pragmattic enough) because there is no supporting force or urge. I like to be forced (or encouraged) to write good code. Also to your question, it less likely that my future change would break a business functionality as my tests will fail. It requires some time to alter the tests every now and then. But in my experience still less than when you have to figure out what a variable value was after a production error.