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My current project: TracInstant

If I could get to shake one person's hand: Doug Lea. For pushing the boundaries of concurrency yet making it accessible to all via object oriented code. I can't help but smile each time I look into ConcurrentSkipListMap. It is absolute insanity and pure beauty, superimposed.

If I still had time for myself, I'd probably be playing with physics simulations, or real-time dynamic-control & autonomous flight with quadrotors. (Looking forward to time & excuses to play around once my kids are a bit older!)

Interested in numerical algorithms, user interfaces, parallel algorithms. Past interests in 3D graphics, machine vision & I've dabbled in Electronics.

I cut my first code on a ZX81. Later I developed a crude 3D polygon renderer on an Amstrad CPC 464. No internet back then, and was never really into books, so I pretty much figured it out myself (after learning SIN+COS could draw circles). My code was of course rubbish, and I've been straightening that out ever since... :-) I'm not sure this process will ever end, as indeed practices in the whole profession continue to evolve, which is nice to see.

I coded in C++ for 4 years; then left it to code (predominantly) in Java for the following 10, and never looked back! All those years reading puzzlers in Dr. Dobbs magazine about why writing something one way in C++ is better than another for bizarre obscure reasons - thinking this was useful for my career. Ugh, what a waste of time. :-)

I'm curious about Scala and (shock horror) F#, but I haven't found the right motivational projects yet... I recently started toying with Python. It certainly answers some of the puzzlers on projecteuler.net very elegantly, but I'm not convinced it is suitable for large scale, maintainable projects.

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