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I develop software.

comment What are the worst false economies in software development?
Agree about the technical writing, disagree about testing. Testing is a natural part of writing good software. Technical writing is just too much of a shift from coding. I find I need to change many gears to go from coding to technical writing and it feels like a poor use of my time.
comment My boss decided to add a “person to blame” field to every bug report. How can I convince him that it's a bad idea?
So what if bugs are inevitable? What's wrong with blaming someone for them? I think your 'Wrong:' option is more clear than your 'Right:' option. The wrong one is really simple. The 'Right:' one is wordy.
comment Specific reasons for still using Subversion?
@KonradRudolph Merging branches back into the trunk works just fine in the latest versions of SVN. It's been getting steadily better for several years to where it's very good now.
comment Crappy school, what to do?
Sounds like a case of thinking the neighbor's grass is always greener than yours. Just worry about yourself. Write a little object oriented game. Setup a little web server and write a little web app. Design some software outside of the school curriculum and your confidence will rise.
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