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Croatian developer, focusing mostly on iOS and Mac development.

Most interested in game and web development, with game development experience on Mac, Windows and GNU/Linux.

comment Vim key mappings / plugin XCode?
Latest build I tried works great on Xcode 4.3.2!
comment What exactly is a programming language? What enables us to write in such a language?
@KeithS: You may want to reformat the last paragraph to make it a bit more readable.
comment What does C++ do better than D?
@sbi: Objective-C makes wonderful use of a base class called NSObject. It is not, as such, a part of the language, but it may just as well be. Reference counting is done in a standard way. Combined with dynamism of Objective-C, having NSObject as a base class allows one to add a function to every other class in a program which, if used sparingly, can be quite helpful. (Example functions might be: 'if I conform to NSCoding protocol, return base64-encoded serialization; if not, return nil'.) I never looked into D, but any language with a base class is nowadays good in my eyes.