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Independent developer focusing primarily on .NET technologies, but have worked with Java, PHP and others. Also cover a lot of IT related issues as well.

comment What are the reasons for rebuild and redeployment libraries?
@EngineerSpock usually a switch statement will perform different logic based on an input parameter. If the cases are built around implementation classes, and a new class is added but the switch statement isn't, what should be the expected behavior? It's a violation of OCP and also means it's tightly coupled to the implementing classes.
comment Why do large websites use different languages for the backend and frontend?
@back2dos If we wanted to use a single language throughout, then any forms-over-relational-database applications should use SQL throughout for a single language across the entire application, including the front end generation. Yes, some languages can be flexible enough to be used in any tier, but that doesn't mean they should be used in those tiers.
comment Difference between “String” and “string” in .NET and which is best?
Similar to this question: stackoverflow.com/q/6000517/6504
comment Version control programs for XML-files - merge/diff tool
You're talking about this GameMaker, right?: yoyogames.com/gamemaker/windows I thought everything was in one large binary file.
comment Is there a reason to prefer lambda syntax even if there is only one parameter?
Note that this is the release build of the code from a quick scratch program, so there may be room for further optimization. But this is the default output from Visual Studio.
comment Can you actually produce high quality code if you are sleep deprived?
You call insomnia an illness like it's a bad thing. I, for one, enjoy the extra time it gives me each day. Otherwise I'd never have time to read quality answers like this one :)
comment What is a “wrapper” program?
Sounds like a more appropriate term would be something like a "Sentinel/Watcher" program.
comment Should I learn java for mobile application development or will C# just do?
+1 for mentioning the Mono* options. If the demand is high enough from developers then they'll branch out to the other phone platforms as well.
comment Why do new programmers seem to ignore compiler error messages/runtime exception messages?
@George: if that were true, every married programmer wouldn't have problems understanding their wife.
comment Windows programming - should you leave UAC on?
@Walter: you can create windows services un-elevated. You need elevated rights to install/uninstall the service though. You should never be installing something directly from the IDE anyways, so an elevated command prompt works better since that's what the IT Pros would end up using.
comment Windows programming - should you leave UAC on?
How does leaving UAC off help? Web app development shouldn't require admin rights, except for setting up IIS initially. Windows services would require admin rights to start and stop, but through a single command window and net start/stop you have a single UAC prompt. Otherwise you should have the logic built so you have a command line runner and a Win Service runner.
comment Windows programming - should you leave UAC on?
@Brian: There are still some libraries that require admin rights (such as developing for Azure), but a vast majority of tasks can be done as non-admin.