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Inquisitive developer, programming teacher, avid reader, music lover, gamer; INTP; father.

  • web development veteran -- PHP, JS, CSS, the works
  • several years of C#/WPF/MVVM experience
  • used to fire a lot of C++ but not in anger for quite some time
  • know Windows Forms, WCF, ASP.NET MVC
  • lightly poked Python and Ruby

PHP is probably the ugliest language I 've ever used. So why do I love it?

You can contact me as "talegame" at Gmail until I get a blog.

comment Specific reasons for still using Subversion?
@Euphoric: I didn't know why I needed DVCS too... until I used it. After you get past the learning curve the difference feels almost as great as "SVN vs. no source control" (at least to me).
comment Call stack starts at bottom or top?
The enemy's gate is down.
comment Is pure oop necessary
A class with only public static members is just a collection of globals. They might not need to be in a class conceptually, but it's not exactly a problem.