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comment Am I doing it wrong with Hibernate DAO layer? i.e. Feature Bloat
Well, recently I have been using Spring Data JPA repositories to avoid the boilerplate of creating my own search methods yet I think that maybe you're right about factor out the business logic.
comment Effective way to estimate dead code removal?
Well, we use subversion but with our workflow I think it won't help much.
comment Should We Code for Performance or Stability?
I am aware of performance metrics in the web layer but I do not think they apply for the backend process I am talking about. I truly do not know for sure if performance there is lacking but if I had to say something I think it will be no, the performance is not a problem now.
comment Should We Code for Performance or Stability?
@rossipedia I think the consensus there is that "too many records will be locked" because the process has many factors that could make it last from 2 to 30 minutes. We even have alerts for the last case.
comment Downgrading from GPL v3 to GPL v2
You are right, let's just hope it was with the optional text.