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My thoughts on this latter-day StackOverflow:

I submit to you that it’s impossible to be a serious creator and spend serious amounts of time contributing to StackOverflow. The two are mutually exclusive and, at some point, employers will pick up on this. If Beethoven had spent his time chasing reputation points, we never would’ve seen a 1st symphony, let a lone a 9th. If Brian Kernighan had been a top 1%er on StackOverflow, half of the C language would never been invented. Seeking guidance from the internet in the course of your daily programming work is one thing, but for every answer you contribute to StackOverflow, you’re better off working on your next idea, putting in a few more minutes on the job, or helping out a fellow programmer in your immediate circle, where you’re needed; not halfway around the world. Your time is valuable. More valuable than StackOverflow participation can compensate you for, unless and probably even if you are literally Jon Skeet

From StackOverflow Considered Harmful?

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