Stephan A. Terre

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Software Development Background:

  • C++ libraries and applications since 1996
  • Python libraries and applications since 2000
  • Various flavors of Unix, mostly Linux in recent years


  • B.S. Math / Computer Science from Williams College
  • M.S. Computer Science from University of Arizona

Musical Background:

  • Piano and guitar off and on for many years
  • Brief flirtations with various other instruments

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comment How to check if 4 points form a square?
Particularly if the points are represented as floating point numbers, it is useful to include a sense of "tolerance" in any of the comparisons suggested below. Exact equality checks can fail for the results of floating point operations, even when we humans would consider them "close enough."
comment Should unit test be in separated repository?
One special case is a test data repository. If you have large data files that are used by your test suite, it can be helpful to put them in their own repository to speed up checkouts and avoid memory problems with the revision control system. This is especially useful if the datasets change slowly compared to the code. I suspect this may be more common in scientific programming than in other domains.
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answered What are best practices for testing programs with stochastic behavior?