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Enterprise application developer and software architect, focusing primarily on the Microsoft stack and web platform.

I currently work as a consultant in Waltham, Massachusetts. (A job I found on Stack Overflow Careers, thank you very much.) I'm interested in lots of extra-curricular software development activity (user groups, conventions, panels, etc.) as well as general local geekery (gaming, geocaching, anything fun).

Career aspirations involve becoming a better developer, a better architect, and maybe even getting published once I find something about which to write.

comment When should I use—and not use—design patterns?
@user374980: Agreed. The patterns themselves are essentially language-agnostic, but different languages will have different details on the best way to implement them. Simply porting an implementation from C# to, say, Ruby may be ill-advised. Attempting the same to Lisp is downright silly :)
answered When should I use—and not use—design patterns?
answered What are the most necessary non-language specific things a programmer needs to know?
comment What is the definition of “technical debt”?
To expand on this a bit... The idea is that we can "pay a little now" to design it properly, or "pay more later" to retro-actively fix it (since changing code is generally easier in the design phase than in the support phase). Thus, much like credit debt, it does accrue interest. In the end, more is paid to get something done quickly (like buying something before one can afford it with credit.)
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