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comment How do I convince my boss (and other devs) to use/consider Unobtrusive JavaScript
I really fail to see the point in section#4.Hint1 of your answer, my boss have already told me that the new GUI that I developed using USJ is grabbing more eyes from client in demos. so really fail how USJ is reducing the money. correct me if i'm wrong see my answer#update
comment Why does Javascript use JSON.stringify instead of JSON.serialize?
@ChaseFlorell i've seen in IE, that under strict mode, it sometimes doesn't allow you to mutate one object if it is set as a Read-Only object. (like console object). So i referred that to say that "JSON is not your average object". So it may not be so good to change it as your code may fail in different implementations. If i'm wrong, please let me know. thanks,See also MSDN on strict mode