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C/C++ software developer, ex-Linux sysadmin and keen free software fan

comment Are there any reasons not to accept a software deliverable as a virtual machine?
I agree with this answer too. It is okay for a demonstration on what was done, but if I was about to accept this product, I'd request document/shell script which describes/does the environment setup.
comment What operating systems are used in airplanes, and what programming languages are they developed in?
@Bratch +1 for the video :)
comment Maintenance wise, is `else while` without intervening braces considered safe?
Agreed. Will edit my answer to emphasize on their existence, not position.
comment What is some key aspect of C/C++ I need to know?
I agree, but I don't believe this is the right approach for the current case. "I need to prepare for a test about C/C++" is not like "I want to really start learning C++". Considering this I think the point was to cover the basics in short time. Thinking generally, I agree with your comment and will upvote it as good remark!