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comment Why is prefixing column names considered bad practice?
The CRM the company I work for uses has a database that uses this convention. It has its upsides and downsides, but overall, I think it is a poor design because of things people have already said: lots of extra typing, the ability to alias column names, hard to read and interpret columns. I think well-named columns are good enough...of course, just my opinion.
comment Schema/Code for respecting different schedules
I've never been too concerned about too many records in a table, when you're talking about maybe a couple hundred or maybe a thousand records that look similar; however, if you're concerned about that issue, you could add another table called "ScheduleType", which could represent the different types of schedules you can have. Then the Schedule table would have a foreign key reference to ScheduleType, and that would give you a little more flexibility to handle different types of schedules. At that point, the User interface and the Business Logic ensures the data is valid and meaningful.
comment “Accept the human condition” is one of lean software development values. Can you elaborate?
I'm glad you added the random bullet points. The ones you added were a very helpful precursor to watching the slideshow
comment How to deal with the “programming blowhard”?
+1 for considering that he might not realize the effect he's having. Most people who annoy us have no idea what they're doing, and often, we end up interpreting what someone says based on our experiences, which are different than theirs, and so we've attached meaning to a behavior and setup "rules" that no one knows about but us.
comment What hat should a programmer not wear?
As others have mentioned, there is gray area, here. I believe that one of my roles at my firm is to maximize the value I add. If I spend time getting a paper shredder to work, simply because my boss asks me to, it's my responsibility to at least suggest that this may be a better task for a person who doesn't have software to write.
comment How to get money from reluctant client?
If you purchased a domain name or hosting, and didn't pay, you would lose your hosting or domain name. That's the nature of market capitalism; however, the business-savvy thing to do may be to offer monthly hosting services to this person, and get small increments of cash that way on a consistent basis. You could also setup a payment plan for the design services. This may be an opportunity to turn a frustrating situation into a profitable one.
comment Working with fubar/refuctored code
I inherited some egregiously bad code, and I thought it would be cool to build interface code that allows the existing code to mostly stay as-is, while at the same time, over-engineering new code in a manner that wasn't really appropriate for the scope of the project. Now, I have 2 problems: 1. The old, sucky code still exists; 2. The new code is overly complex, and difficult to debug, troubleshoot, extend, maintain, etc. I would have been better off with @Ginamin's option B.
comment Is it ever ok to have an empty catch statement?
Then .Debug() eats the exception and I never know about it. But I feel a lot more confident about my logger than I feel about code that often throws exceptions. If I were concerned about that, I suppose I could implement some sort of pattern that watches for entry into the catch block, and saves it for later. In any case - point taken
comment What made object oriented programming successful?
This might be the perfect answer - information full, yet short enough so the reader doesn't have to read a novel. Bravo