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C#/.NET Developer in Chicago, IL working for an interactive ad agency.

I write screenplays and make movies.


comment What do you use string reversal for?
At an interview, they asked me to reverse a string and they said "remember this no string.Rverse(). So I just converted the string to a character array and did Array.Reverse
comment Why do websites restrict the number & choice of characters in a password?
@Walter - Completely agree. Sadly, I've had plenty of clients say "that's too any steps, our customers won't like it" I usually say "well they like it when you get hacked and their information is stolen?" They still go with "fewer steps"
comment How do you know when you are tired of programming in your life?
hilarious. A good friend of mine was asked why he didn't like VB and he said "I'm here to write code, not play games."