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Entropy is my hero.

comment What do you do to make sure you take proper/enough breaks, while avoiding unwanted side-effects of break taking?
Any suggestions for OSX?
comment Can non-IT people handle a wiki?
One option not listed there is the built-in Wiki functionality inside FogBugz. It is a great Wiki, with fantastic support. It is a pay product for most companies, but it is well worth it if you can get fanatics about the wiki.
comment Which language should I use for a computationally intensive program?
Doesn't this depend quite bit on the constraints of your project? For example, if you need to have this done tomorrow, Python might be a better language than either of those. If you have many concurrent tasks, Go might be better, etc?
comment Are Django forms violating MVC?
That is still perfectly possible. You can manually write your fields in the templates, manually write your validation in your views, and then manually update your models. But the design of Django's Forms does not break MVC.
comment Change management's mind?
I'd like to thank everyone for their well presented comments. I'll be trying to monetize things from here on out, see how that goes. Most of the rest I've tried.