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A .NET developer living in Denver.

comment How do you stay motivated for hobby projects?
@Calmarius, I work in the US. The employer, which I had quit at the end of 2010, recruited me back last year. They are concerned that open source code could "infect" the software that we sell. Rather than figure out which licenses are business friendly, versus which ones are copyleft is too much of an administrative burden. Therefore it is all forbidden. One personal experience that you may have read is: perlmonks.org/… .
comment What is the difference between _Procedural Generation_ and _Random Generation_?
You are in error. I recommend reading Discrete-Event Simulation by Leemis & Park. It is an expensive textbook, so you may want to see if it is available through your library. Chapters 2 and 3 should set you straight. amazon.com/Discrete-Event-Simulation-Lawrence-M-Leemis/dp/…
comment Why is it evil to run selects from a prod server?
Any place smart enough to set up separate permissions for users in production databases is smart enough to prevent users from accessing production data at all.
comment What should I be looking for when evaluating unit testing libraries and tools?
@Sardathrion, done.
comment What should I be looking for when evaluating unit testing libraries and tools?
To see the revision history, click on the link in the "edited x hours ago" under the question.
comment What should I be looking for when evaluating unit testing libraries and tools?
@Sardathrion, Checking the revision history, "the linux part" was added after I posted my answer.
comment Strategy for building an application to replace a large spreadsheet
I have a friend who does this and he wrote his own custom tool for pulling the formulas out of the cells and converting them to C#.
comment I want to write a 2-player web-based board game. Which framework should I use?
This might get a better answer over at the game dev site: gamedev.stackexchange.com
comment Is there a canonical resource on R programming?
To go along with Paul's answer, I'd second the mention of The Art of R Programming and I'd also refer you to a blog by someone who teaches a course in statistical computing: cscs.umich.edu/~crshalizi/weblog
comment What is the required background to apply Machine Learning to Finance?
I think this question could be better answered at the quant site: quant.stackexchange.com
comment Why is it impossible to produce truly random numbers?
@DavidZaslavsky, Einstein was disturbed enough by the unpredictability/randomness of quantum mechanics to say "God does not play dice with the universe" on more than one occasion.
comment I want to program, but I can't find the time if I want to maintain my grades
Your near-term goal is getting into a "good" college. That is what you should focus on. To stay in the honors courses, you'll need to keep your GPA up.
comment Why has C prevailed over Pascal?
@Steve314, The "codegear" division was sold to Embarcadero in 2008, and Micro Focus bought the rest of Borland in 2009. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borland#Later_Borland_years
comment Patient Record Tracking System
If you really want to stick with barcodes, have one scanner (cost about $100) in the file room. Put a sheet of barcodes (Dr House, Nurse Ratched, etc) on the wall (so one doesn't need barcodes on badges) and scan name + any number of files. Don't let the folks refile their own files, toss them into a tray and one (or 2) designated refilers check them back in. File not on the shelf? Look in refile tray, not there? Ask computer in filing room. Might be a few kinks to work out, but that ought to be a start.
comment Is there such a thing as a “when” statement?
I remember a construct like this in early (1960s and 70s) parallel programming languages: it is a type of if statement conducted in parallel.
comment What is the legal status of old reference material?
Exactly. Nothing printed in 1928 (or later) will ever go out of copyright. Everytime it comes close, Congress extends copyright periods again.
comment How do I deal with a slow and undedicated colleague in the team?
@Ashin, you might want to look into Trac or Mantis as those are free bug tracking systems that are relatively simple to set up and use.
comment Why did Microsoft make parameters, local variables and private fields have the same name naming convention?
@Kramil, Vaccano, It looks like I'll have to check it out of the library again. Normally I only do so when starting a new job and discussions turn to naming and coding standards.
comment How can I get better at whiteboard interview questions?
@Kevin, there are a lot of knowledgeable people who choke up under stress, and the OP was pointing this out. Public speaking is terrifying to many people and Toastmaster's exercises are intended to break that fear - like boot camp in the military. Feel the fear and survive it. The next time you're in a fearful situation, you recognize it, you remember that you've survived it before and it stops being scary.
comment Is it normal for a company to have programmers on such a rigid schedule?
One of the companies I worked for was located here in CO. Their customers were all on the east coast. This meant that "first thing in the morning" business-wise for our (financial) customers was "before dawn" for us (2 time zones west of them).