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comment How do programmers quit a job?
@Guzica, I am 50 years old. I've seen a lot of stupid, bad, malevolent and broken things happen in my working career. RogueCoder, the guy asking the original question is 18 and probably hasn't met a wide array of idiocy yet. But to answer your question, many employers are quite "hardball" and escort you out the door when you give notice (it is nothing personal, just business). Financial companies (like banks) here have a tendency to discharge folks who have been overheard to say they are interviewing for a new job. Many companies are civilized - the ones that aren't can be problems.
comment Questions to ask before someone leaves
We just retired a computer last year that was the last computer able to build a certain component for a shipping product (the .NET replacement for this VB4 app was finally released 3 years late). It used a 3rd party component with an aggressive copy protection scheme and the vendor went out of business 8 or so years ago. This guy quit 3 years ago, and all the other devs who had worked on the product had long since upgraded their machines making this machine more critical than it should have been.
comment Is it bad etiquette to ask a potential employer how they score on the Joel Test?
@Ryan: Many recruiters will take your resume and replace the contact information with theirs. This prevents the company from approaching you without the recruiter knowing. If you interview enough, you will find some recruiter pasted someone else's resume when they intended to paste yours, and that leads to an extremely tense situation when they ask you about something you never did. Sometimes, recruiters will add features to your resume because they want the commission and hope that you'll get the job anyway. There are enough bad apples out there that you'll take precautions.
comment What do you do with a heisenbug?
@SnOrfus: we try to include some logging in our application with the capability to add more details. Perhaps using MS' Enterprise Library for logging; one can configure what gets logged by level, so by changing a number in the config file, one can turn on/off debug code (off for deployment and general shipping code, with tech support telling the customer what entry to change to turn on the level of logging needed).