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Another young programmer trying to learn as much as possible before entering the real world.

Languages: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Java, Bash, Windows Batch, some ColdFusion, and some NSIS
Learning: C#, C++
Databases: MySQL, some MSSQL
Certifications: CompTIA A+, Network+, and Security+ Certifications


  • PircBotX - A simple, easy to use, Java IRC Bot Framework forked from the popular PircBot framework, bringing many new up-to-date features and bug fixes in an official alternative distribution.
  • Quackbot - A fully abstracted, fully pluggable, and fully extendable IRC bot based off of PircBotX, aiming for simplicity and power. It abstracts plugins to the point where they can be written in javascript or any other language that a PluginLoader exists for.

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