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comment How does Ruby, Python, PHP manage without Spring?
You've also missed how simple it is to use duck typing and monkey patching to inject stuff in Python and Ruby.
comment Dev vs Stage environment vs Prod Environment
Exactly - it exists to take code out of the dev environment into a more controlled environment, among other things, showing up any dependancies missed in documentation, and any 'well it worked on our machine' embarrassment on the live/prod environment.
comment Using Cucumber with Page objects
As davetron5000 suggests, there is no reason that Selenium (especially selenium RC with the ruby client) cannot be used to define the cucumber steps. I think you should take a closer look at selenium rc, and cucumber step definitions.
comment Many small scripts, one repository or multiple?
Agreed - as long as the scripts are well named, and duplication is kept low between them (ie shared library stuff) so grep searches aren't too cluttered, I think this works.
comment Are these signs of a bad developer?
+1 for automated tests! TDD - Test Driven Development - writing the tests first based on requirements so most or nearly all code is tested, is one way to keep code from rotting, even with constant goal post shifting. Coverage tools also can be used to pick up areas where the tests don't touch anything, areas that are likely to suffer rot.
comment My customer wants me to record a video of how I develop his software product
Dont forget to bill for the lawyer fees of course!
comment What's the difference between an API and an SDK?
I think you may've inverted that Nick. An SDK is a superset of things, that contains (among other things) API's to interact with it's libraries (not the library itself, but the interface to the library that a coder using the library would use).
comment Why does it matter that HTML and CSS are not programming languages?
I would suggest a language that is fully executed and run by a computer. I have debugged C code, and debugged CSS styles. I can say with some certainty that the latter can take as long (if not longer) than the former (depending on what horrible thing some person did with a pointer vs which obscure part of the spec you are trying to get working and *&^%$@ browser it looks wrong on). HTML alone does not really say much, but coupled with the full expression of CSS it can be plenty interesting.