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comment “A good programmer can be as 10X times more productive than a mediocre one”
What companies pay for is primarily experience and knowledge ("know-how"). These will result in more rapid development (less caveat, less trial-and-error and so forth) and a fresh developer simply doesn't have this (with emphasis on experience). An experienced developer tend to find a good solution for almost anything that is asked of him.
comment projective geometry: how do I turn a projection of a rectangle in 3D into a 2D view
There is really no need to consider correct perspective as such. If you project an image that originally is square/rectangle it will "re-gain" (by the means of interpolation) that information when morphed into a equal rectangle. What you might encounter as a problem is lens distortion (bending lines). To solve this you will need more details on the "square" to compensate for the bending.
comment ASP.NET Webforms developers and web designers: how to interact?
Last line = joke