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comment for vs. foreach vs. LINQ
That's great if you're at a company which allows time for formal training so you can book some time to train staff when implementation of LINQ begins. However if you're not then you're running the risk of the LINQ guy leaving before they've passed on the knowledge and being left with code which no one can understand.
comment Android Card Game Database for Deck Building
In his description he is not querying the data being stored in the database (the deck) he is querying the selection of cards (he doesn't mention how these are stored)
comment In C and C++, what methods can prevent accidental use of the assignment(=) where equivalence(==) is needed?
@KristofProvost I've managed to get visual studio to give me 10 copies of the exact same warning fro the same line of code, then when this issue was 'fixed' it resulted in 10 identical warnings about the same line of code saying that the original method was better.
comment I need some help creating a non-binary tree (or some other data structure that will better solve my problem)
I know an arraylist isn't a linked list I was just thinking in C and linked list was the simplest dynamic data structure I could think of. The reason I suggested doing that way is that I thought you were comparing all the string values in list A to all the string values in the other lists with matching keys. I'll try and edit my answer for comparing to one given key.
comment Github Workflow: Pushing small fix branches to remote, or keep them local?
It was on a home broadband connection which in the UK means terrible upstream. The repo ended up at about 175mb I think and could take 30 mins to an hour to sync. As for the fix branches I think I'ld wipe them when I stopped supporting the version they relate to.
comment What are programmers made to do in spare time in jobs?
Things don't work that way in software houses, with pretty much every piece of software there's a huge backlog of errors. Unless you work for NASA you won't see an empty known errors list.
comment “Viral” license that only blocks legal actions of user and developer against each other
The way I read it there is no obligation to distribute any source code if you don't want to however if it does get leaked then it has no legal protection to stop it being passed on. Whether someone wants to disseminate the source code or not is up to the owner of the individual GPL program.