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I am a hobbyist. I'm striving to not forget too much of my studies (MS in applied mathematics), but I'm also interested in pure mathematics.

Currently I'm diving into Eisenbud, Hartshorne and Hatcher. Quite an endeavour since I have never had courses beyond Galois theory (in algebra) and general topology. With faith comes hope!

I'm also interested in real and complex analysis, geometry and number theory.

Regarding computing, I prefer doing things by hand (including slide rule and tables, for the heck of it), and when it's really not possible, I use Maxima, GAP or Python.

Policy regarding votes and answers:

(I may have done a bit differently in the past, but my activity on MSE has stabilized now, and won't likely change in the future)

  • I will only downvote an answer if it's really wrong, and the guy who answered does not bother to make adequate corrections after a comment kindly asking to do so.
  • Therefore, I'll never downvote a correct answer. I know some do it in some circumstances, I understand the intent, but I simply don't agree.
  • I'll never downvote a question, unless it's really offensive. But then I would preferably flag it as offensive. Even a badly wrong question deserves attention, since somebody has probably misunderstood something.
  • There are two conditions for me to answer a question: that I feel able to do so, and that I find the question interesting. Nothing else matters. Here interesting does not mean easy, or hard, or elegant, or whatever. It's completely subjective.
  • Therefore, I may answer a question even if it falls in the "this question is missing context or other details" category, that is, when a student asks for the solution of an exercise without showing work on it. However, I will usually vote to close such a question.

Contact: arbautjc at gmail dot com

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