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I am a Front End engineer who loves to stay on the cutting edge. I consider myself an expert in HTML, JavaScript, CSS and have strong experience in NodeJS, PHP, and .NET (C#). I would not be here if it were not for the open source and open forum community, and I believe strongly in giving back to that community.

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comment is it realistic to make use of HTML5 local storage to store CSS, and JavaScript
Bowser caching is not as straight forward as you may think, nor is it consistent across all browsers. For example, some browsers randomly decide to load web fonts (regardless of headers - can't find the article about this right now but I think it was Dave Rupert who discovered this). Also, ETAGs force browsers to check if a resource has been updated... and sometimes you can't remove ETAG (eg. Amazon S3) - so if your CSS file sends an ETAG header, it will always be checked for updates (304s are still a payload). In order to prevent unnecessary requests, custom caching is required.
comment How to avoid javascript becoming spaghetti code?
I hate to be the guy to say "just use a framework"... but for me, I'm always thinking about the guy coming after me, and to have a well-tested, documented, and community supported framework... it's a no brainer to me. My favorite is Javascript MVC (soon to be CanJS). It has scaffolding scripts and a very intuitive dependency manager (steal()) which allows you to have a very well structured application while compiling scripts down to 1 or 2 minified files.