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comment Is being overqualified too dangerous for your career?
This is a good point to consider accidental vs essential complexity. If you are making things more complicated but it solves the same problems, that's a problem. If you are simply solving a more complex problem, there may be no way to make it simpler. For instance, a random group of developers with 5 years of experience would probably find it difficult to maintain the core scheduler logic in Hadoop.
comment Do iOS frameworks require the same internal versioning as OSX frameworks?
iOS8 adds support for dynamic libraries. This is important for extensions to be efficient. However, things are still sandboxed, so frameworks will never be shared across apps. Therefore, versioning is unimportant.
comment Should I download scripts from a CDN or bundle everything into one script?
Combining the files reduces the number of requests, which can speed download. Pulling the files from a CDN that is widely used improves the chance that the files will already be present in the user's cache from visiting other sites. If they haven't, though, they'll get slowed down from additional DNS and HTTP requests. `
comment Standardization across an organization: Good or Bad?
Unfortunately, standards become ossified. For example, "VS2008 is the standard, and nobody can upgrade to VS2010 until we have the budget and time to upgrade everything and retrain everyone." This is why the company I work for is still transitioning from Windows XP to Windows 7 (scheduled to be complete this year).
comment Are you allowed to “copy” the GUI/Features of another application
Incidentally, Lotus vs. Borland found that copying a menu structure for compatibility was allowed.
comment Software development - The industry & general trends / Bad practices
At least they're using svn! I'd expect a place like that to have a shared folder!
comment Applications using GPL code and run-time libraries of proprietary IDEs
GPLv2 does have an exception: However, as a special exception, the source code distributed need not include anything that is normally distributed (in either source or binary form) with the major components (compiler, kernel, and so on) of the operating system on which the executable runs, unless that component itself accompanies the executable.
comment Why don't developers make installation wizards on linux?
Well, the developers just have to care about building a proper package for every single distribution they want to support, so they will need one or more different RPMs, debs, build scripts for ports, etc. Package managers are great, but trying to support all the systems as a developer is hard. That's why most of the people maintaining packages for distros are not actually the upstream developers.
comment Using SVN with multiple developers but without creating branches
Enterprise costs are higher (although I think enterprises bring it upon themselves). Our TCO cost for SAN is $7/GB.
comment Using SVN with multiple developers but without creating branches
One important thing: Branches in SVN do not take up extra space. "Subversion's repository has a special design. When you copy a directory, you don't need to worry about the repository growing huge—Subversion doesn't actually duplicate any data. Instead, it creates a new directory entry that points to an existing tree."
comment Why is (f . l) not allowed and equal to (apply f l)?
Are you asking why scheme doesn't do argument destructuring, or why it doesn't allow the syntax which looks like a dotted pair to apply functions?
comment Are C static libraries frowned upon?
@Doval, your point is exceptionally demonstrated in the zlib , libjpeg, and openssl bugs.
comment Are C static libraries frowned upon?
Dynamic libraries on pretty much every OS out there these days are paged in by demand. Only the pages actually being used are in memory. If multiple applications are using the same functionality, they will share the memory and use less than the static library case. If multiple apps are using different functionality in the same library, both sets of functionality will be paged in, having approximately the same impact as the static approach.
comment Changelog in Comments Versus Source Control Log
FWIW, I've always been a big fan of using source control to look at change history, especially with tools that give per-line annotate or blame output. The teams I've worked with, once the expectation that details were in SC and not in the file, adjusted to looking there.
comment How to avoid being forked into oblivion by a more powerful contributor?
The MIT license was originally written for the X Window System, and was written to allow companies to fork it and include it in their for-sale proprietary products.
comment Point estimates scale skewed
My problem with this answer is that the five and eight in the original example are highly nonlinear. Integrating with a 3rd party provider and caching their responses is probably not as easy as creating 8 tooltips. It's much more work than creating three users and their permissions.
comment How come centralized source control solutions don't do branching in place
Are you asking why the subversion system was designed to model branches as zero-cost copies, and expose those as locations within the repo, or whether you can switch a working copy from one branch to another? Because subversion does not duplicate information when making a branch: it merely creates a new location pointing at the same data.
comment Quantifying the advantages of a modern version control system
If you ever have teams working on multiple projects at once, merges will have a clear and quantifiable cost to the organization. Git absolutely addresses those problems.
comment How does requirements management work in the long term with Agile projects?
One need for requirements on your system: You buy another company and need to rationalize the systems. That's hard to do when nobody knows what each system is supposed to do.
comment is there any language that supports automatic evaluation of input expressions?
Apple's new Swift language supports this (in swift playgrounds), and @Doval makes a good point: the release notes for Swift clearly point out that it is not currently sandboxed and you should be very careful before opening playgrounds from other people.