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comment Do you use i-->0 for backward loops?
Its also less explicit. Remember while it might be more clear to you someone else might have an issue. I feel that "for (i = n; i >=0; i--)" would cause less issues for others. Its the same reason why I hate for(;;) as opposed to while( true ) for infinite loops. I guess my point is that you don't get extra points for cleverness.
comment How best to prevent having to revisit a change after check in
I would say personal acceptance and employer acceptance. Part of my thought here is that these are the types of bugs that will not be seen by the customer just the other developers/test team.
comment Tips for working fast
No there used to be one but it broken and no one seems to want to spend the time to get it up and running. My previous job was working on an electro-mechanical system where we had a debugger but because of all the moving parts you could not really set breakpoints or step through code. From that experience I learned a lot of debugging techniques that did not involve a debugger.