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Old school. Been around since the days of the Big Iron 3090s. Programmed everything from mainframes to pocket calculators. I go everywhere on motorcycles and am constantly hassled by my cats for somewhere to sleep.

comment How to convince/prove my manager that a rewriting is needed rather than a refactoring
It all comes down to the developers. A total rewrite can work if the developers know exactly what to do and can do it in a practical time scale. Refactoring can also work on the same basis. However I've seen far more code messes created by bad or aborted refactoring because the developers didn't have the time or self discipline. Self discipline is the is the one key factor when refactoring. Too many programmers don't have it.
comment NSNotificationCenter vs. Protocol
Absolutely correct IMHO
comment OAuth2 flow - does the server validate with the Auth server?
Thanks for that, an interesting read. My requirements are rather simple in that I want to allow an iOS app to authenticate with google, twitter, facebook, etc, pass some form of authorisation to my server and have my server validate it and enable access to resources. The problem has proved more complex than I anticipated due to the complexities of understanding how this works and what I have to do where.
comment Are my negative internship experiences representative of the real world?
True :-) and I've also worked at a startup populated with some of my mentioned incompetent fools who created a lot of crap code to start with.
comment iOS: Versioned static frameworks vs Git Submodules and included code
true, they do solve the same problem. I'm wondering if as a general development flow, that submodules are easier to manage. Frameworks take complicated scripts to build and when I want to change to a new version, a bit of fiddling around in build settings.
comment How to handle onsite interviews with multiple companies?
Brilliant. Now you don't have to stress and can do the interview comfortably without feeling like you are ripping them off. Now you can simply tell the other companies you will be in town on such and such a date, and can do interviews.